Shorts, a new way to watch & create on YouTube
Youtube Shorts

Shorts, a new way to watch & create on YouTube

YouTube announced the rollout of Shorts

Shorts, a new short-form video experience for users who want to shoot short, catchy videos with their mobile phones, an equivalent of TikTok and Instagram Reels, letting creators and artists express themselves in 15 seconds or less with a range of creation tools.

YouTube takes this opportunity to announce other new features such as an update of the chapter tool, support for emerging video formats, and new tools for YouTube Kids.

Launched in India in September 2020, Shorts has quickly established itself and won over a large audience. Indeed, since the beginning of December, the number of users has tripled, and the Shorts reader records more than 3.5 billion views per day throughout the world.

YouTube decided to make its beta version of Shorts available for the United States in the coming weeks (March 2021) so that more creators can test it.

You can also use various creative features, including:

  • Music: Choose songs that are free to use
  • Speed control: Speed up or slow down recording
  • Timer: Setting the countdown to record hands-free and the Stop point to automatically stop recording.

All about how YouTube Shorts works :

  • Reinventing the way viewers experience video
  • Enhanced video chapter functionality
  • Redesign of the YouTube VR homepage
  • Support for emerging video formats
  • Added options for simultaneous streaming and offline playback for YouTube TV
  • Automatic creation of custom playlists on YouTube Music
  • Enhanced Parental Control Tool for YouTube Kids
  • Expanding opportunities for creators
  • Helping to create businesses for members of the YouTube Partner Program 
  • Added a clapping feature to allow spectators to support creators
  • Announcement of an integrated purchasing functionality planned for 2021

Building Youtube Shorts :

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