Instagram stories would be posted directly on Facebook.

Instagram stories would be posted directly on Facebook.

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg already allowed users to post their Instagram stories in Facebook stories format, this option was launched to encourage members to use this new format.

Facebook is now testing the display of Instagram stories directly in its app. They will be distinct from Facebook stories as they will be displayed with an orange and pink circle representing the colours of the Instagram appFacebook stories will appear with a blue circle corresponding to the colour of the logo.

Easy access to the stories and a respected confidentiality.

In the screenshots relayed by social media expert Matt Navarra, Facebook makes it very clear that this does not impact the public who have access to your stories. Concretely, your Instagram stories will appear on Facebook but only the people who follow you on Instagram will have access to them. Your Facebook friends, who do not follow you on Instagram, will not be able to see these stories.

They’re testing a new feature that gives people the ability to view Instagram stories on Facebook, making it easier to see the moments of your loved ones, regardless of the app you are using. To view Instagram stories on Facebook, users must have their accounts linked and accept the experience. This feature respects all privacy settings and Instagram users can choose not to show their story on Facebook.

For now, this is a “limited test” and that Facebook will take into account feedback from its users prior to deployment.

 Facebook continues its merger with Instagram

In August, a merger between Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct had already begun. An update notification indicated that Instagram users could have discussions with friends who only use Facebook Messenger.

With the Instagram stories on Facebook, the merger of the two social networks seems to be becoming even more clear. As previously announced in 2019, Mark Zuckerberg would even eventually like to merge his 3 messaging applications: Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp.

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