Facebook Messenger: a new logo and personalized themes for chats

Facebook Messenger: a new logo and personalized themes for chats

Facebook is persevering with its program of merging its messaging systems. After making the most important adjustments to the Instagram Direct feature, the social community is now tackling Facebook Messenger, its messaging software with more than 1 billion users worldwide. The goal is to make it easier to send messages to friends and family while making discussions more fun and personalized. An emblem that includes Instagram‘s colors the software logo is tinged with Instagram‘s flashy colors, all in gradient. But it retains the iconic vital motif that characterizes the Facebook Messenger logo.

Our new logo displays a shift towards the future of messaging, a more dynamic, amusing, and incorporated way to live connected with the people you are near to,” stated Stan Chudnovsky, vice chairman of Facebook Messenger in a release. Personalizing Messenger conversations other new features announced at the Messenger application include :

the new default chat color, which uses the shades of the new logo, new cat themes (love, tie-dye), personalized reactions. New chat themes on Facebook Messenger.

With 10 million users customizing their conversations every day, that is a critical detail for Facebook, which wants to fulfill the community gift on its messaging application. The social community also states that the selfie stickers and Vanish Mode will soon be available on Facebook Messenger.

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