Apple investor updates

Apple investor updates

On this page, we gather Apple‘s statistics. Our sources are the official figures transmitted by the brand, through press releases or events. You can keep up to date with the company’s news through its latest financial results, usage statistics, and device sales.

Apple is one of the major players in the tech industry, producing and selling digital devices used by a large community of users around the world. Among its flagship products are the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macintosh, and Apple Watch. The company was launched in 1976 in the United States by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

Apples key figures in 2021 worldwide :
Number of active devices in the world, number of devices sold by Apple, number of users of the Cupertino firm’s services… Find the statistics of usage and sales of Apple‘s products and services updated in 2021.

Active devices and devices sold by Apple :
1 billion active iPhones worldwide, 90.1 million aircraft sold in Q4 2020,
The iPhone 6 is the brand’s best-selling smartphone with 220 million units, 23.4% market share in Q4 2020.

Apple Services :
Apple Music offers more than 70 million songs, 60 million subscribers for Apple Music, 8.7 million subscribers for Apple TV+, 100 million active monthly users for Apple News in English-speaking countries, Apple podcasts are available in more than 175 countries.

Sales and Revenues :
111.4 billion in revenues in Q1 2021 (+21% year-on-year), iPhone: $65.60 billion in revenues (+17.23%), Mac: $8.68 billion (+21.16%),
iPad: $8.44 billion in revenues (+41.12%), Apple Watch and other accessories: $12.97 billion (+25.58%), Services (iCloud, Apple Music, App Store, etc.): $15.76 billion (+24%).


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