5 tips to improve the SEO for videos on the search engine.

5 tips to improve the SEO for videos on the search engine.

1. Make sure your videos are publicly available

The first tip is logical but very important: your videos must be publicly available for Google. To do this, make sure that each of your videos has a web page with an accessible URL by the search engine. The video must be easily visible on the page and available to visitors without complicated actions.

2. Provide structured data

To understand what topics your videos are about, Google needs structured data. You can add information such as the video title, description, duration, thumbnail and, URL. Structured data allows you to access additional features, like the appearance of the Live badge and key moments in the video.

Test the quality of your structured data

3. Provide good quality thumbnails

For each video you publish, it is important to provide thumbnails with a friendly URL. 

Make sure that your link is not blocked by robots.txt files otherwise, your content may not be indexed.

4. Add a video sitemap to reference a video

Google also relies on video sitemaps which include metadata tags and which allow a better understanding of what your video is about.

5. Make video content files available

When your content is accessible, the search engine will optimize it, to be easily discoverable by users searching for keywords relevant to your content.

More importantly, this will allow you to benefit from several advantages:

Benefit from the video preview, which shows a few seconds of your video as a thumbnail

Make your video appear in more relevant queries

  • Unlock the key moment’s navigation feature.

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