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What Digital Marketing skills are most in-demand?

Mastering the digital transformation of a company requires a certain level of qualities and skills. Working in digital: the skillsObservation, anticipation, and interpretation of market trendsTo adapt to the trends, the most advanced companies in the digital field are expanding their “antennas” through the creation of strategic positions, following the

Instagram: Personal, Professional, or Creative account, which one to choose?

Find out which type of account best suits your Instagram usage: personal, professional, or creative. When creating a new Instagram account, there are different profile types to choose from: personal, professional, or creator. Since it’s not always easy to make a choice, we suggest you discover below the main characteristics

10 FREE tools to work more efficiently every day

Discover a selection of tools to facilitate your daily work : 1- Notion: Centralize your notes, tasks and files To avoid wasting time, you can rely on Notion, a collaborative platform with a very intuitive interface, which allows you to centralize your notes (private or shared), your documents, your tasks,

Social Media trends 2021

Which ones are gaining momentum ? All answers below. Trends that already exist in our daily lives Shopping retail In the context of the health crisis and repeated confinement, many retailers are forced to accelerate the digitalization process. Social media has always been a vehicle for the accelerated development of

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